It's Tough To Be Young

And if it wasn't tough enough already, Covid-19 made it even tougher...

Writing matric under a tree with a mask on and social distancing? Online schooling? Losing out on sport, social interaction and achievements they looked forward to attaining such as being a prefect or captain of the sports team? University suddenly changed too, no meeting new friends, finding your way on campus, living away from home for the first time, having the freedom to drive to a friend's house.

It's tough.

Feeling lost and isolated in your bedroom with only a laptop or cellphone wreaks havoc with one's emotions and having too much time to think and not being able to bounce ideas off your friends (or just letting your hair down) can lead to depression, anxiety, social isolation, self image issues and loss of interest in life in general. 

We specialise in youth support and facilitation, navigating through your teens and twenties are wrought with fear and self doubt and simultaneously wanting to prove to yourself that you can do this adult thing without letting anyone know how nerve-wracking it is can be scary. 

We help with 1:1 sessions of 90 minutes providing a space where young people can learn how to deal with the world, it's expectations as well as their worries and troubles, their dreams and goals and discover their own abilities and strengths. 

We also support schools and provide sessions in group form to teens, parents and educators. Finding out that we are not alone in our feelings, emotions, doubts and fears can be liberating! 

Based on Behavioural psychology and learning how we can understand and manage our emotions, outside challenges, expectations and events we have no control over gives us the advantage of learning how to deal with life and the curveballs it throws us.

We assist with behavioural issues and support both the family and the young adult during the process. 

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What we do:
Individual sessions

Personal sessions and goal plan to tackle issues and provide psychological support in context of where you find yourself.

We provide support for the whole family, not just the teen going through a tough time and understanding what your teen is experiencing and how to support them is important.


We offer bespoke lesson plans, group sessions and life skills for schools of all kinds. Whether it is home schooling or top notch private schools, youngsters of high school age can learn coping and real life skills to manage their present and plan their future.